Meet the Moneybunnies!

The Moneybunnies are here to make learning about money exciting for kids! Follow our fluffy friends as they explore the values of hard work, wise spending, saving for dreams, and the joy of helping others. These stories are tailored for little learners aged 3 to 8.

  • Earn with Bun!

  • Spend with Sonny!

  • Save with Honey!

  • Give with Chummy!

Bun wants to be RICH and FAMOUS! 

Will that happen overnight?

Does she have to…earn it?

Sonny wants to buy EVERYTHING!

Can he afford to?

Will he have to make choices?

Proud to be part of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library!

Honey wants A PLACE OF HER OWN!

Can she afford one?

Will she ever make her dream come true?

If she saves her carrots,

Chummy wants to SAVE THE WORLD!

Will it be easy?

Will he find a super way to help

The joy of giving has never felt so good.

How Do YOU Spend?

Celebrate the different ways a little bunny can spend her savings, and learn about opposites too!